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Wachtel Atlas rack oven



The Wachtel Atlas rack oven is an all-rounder rack oven and can be heated electrically as well as gas or oil. With its revolutionary technical characteristics, it is much more than a traditional production oven and delivers top baking quality thanks to the AUTOPILOT AIR PRESSURE, high-tech functionality through the IQ TOUCH control, REMOTE access and huge energy savings through the ECO MULTI STEAM SYSTEM steam recovery system (20% less energy loss) and triple thermal insulation glazing. With its energy-saving functions and materials of the highest quality, it is the perfect oven for smart artisan bakers. The newly designed, modular design of the ATLAS means that it can be assembled and put into operation within one day. Performing maintenance and service is also time-saving.

The Wachtel Atlas rack oven is an all-rounder rack oven for a reason. In addition to the choice between electric, gas or oil, there are also various sizes. These different sizes are shown below.

Model: 0,8 0,8 XL 0,8 XL 2 1,0
Size of baking trays [cm] 60 x 80 60 x 80 60 x 80 60 x 100
Oven footprint [m²] 2,48 2,48 4,95 3
Oven weight [kg] 1800 1900 2800 2000
Ovendimensions [mm]
Width 1535 1535 2155 1715
Depth 1620 1620 2200 1800
Height 2560 2720 2960 2560


Model: 1,0 XL 1,0 XL 2 1,1 1,1 XL
Size of baking trays [cm] 60 x 100 60 x 100 70 x 110 70 x 110
Oven footprint [m²] 3 5,41 3,72 3,72
Oven weight [kg] 2100 3100 2200 2300
Ovendimensions [mm]
Width 1715 2255 1900 1900
Depth 1800 2300 1960 1960
Height 2720 2960 2560 2720


Number of racks
Number of layers (max.)
Total baking area (83mm space between layers) [m²]
8,6 - 15,4
Item code


  • Adjustable air speed per baking phase
  • Energy manager makes costs transparent
  • Automatic air pressure regulation in the baking chamber for constant, reproducible baking quality
  • Steam recovery system
  • Modular design, the oven is built in 1 day
  • Adjustable fresh air supply for
    more crispyness

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