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Our story

Halfway through the last century, Gerard Spronk was still baking bread for the inhabitants of Andelst and the surrounding area. During that period, machines gradually made their appearance in the bakeries. Similarly within the bakery of the Spronk family. After a colleague baker had stopped, Gerard was offered a number of machines. He could use a number of these well. Because he didn’t need the other machines, he placed an advertisement with many phone calls and reactions as a result. This has laid the seeds for our family business; Spronk Bakkerijmachines.

With the trade in bakery machines there was also a need for technical maintenance and repairs. His son Johan Spronk had a background as a mechanical engineer and repaired the bakery machines for his father. Together they have expanded the company. Due to the increase in mechanization in the bakery industry, the demand for bakery machines has also grown. Over the years, a business premises with a showroom and workshop have been taken into use and a wide team of service engineers has been trained. The stock of used machines has grown in the meantime, which means that with a wide range of products, we are well able to connect to the various customer needs.

The family business has since been taken over by the third generation. Arno, Harm and Henry complement each other well with different backgrounds. Together with the rest of the team, we are ready for today’s bakers.

The Future

The bakery industry continues to develop. The bread consumption and its composition have changed. The consumer has renewed attention for pure craftsmanship. Sustainability and local raw materials increasingly play an important role in this. The themes of craftsmanship and sustainability are therefore woven into the DNA of our family business.

We are happy to contribute to the development of the craft. This is partly due to our involvement in, among others, the BoulangerieTeam, the Bakery Institute and the Skillsmasters youth professional competitions. Partly because of this, we continue to develop the knowledge and expertise that we use when advising our clients.

With our conscious choice for high-quality premium brands, we offer you machines with a long technical service life. In our product range we have an eye for savings on energy consumption. However, replacement in the form of a new machine is not always necessary. Our refurbished, used machines are a high-quality alternative.

Repairing your machine even gives you a third option and is almost always possible because we have a well-equipped workshop with qualified technicians who implement creative and technically suitable solutions. Thanks to a wide stock of spare parts, we can thoroughly overhaul and repair your own machines.

Want to meet Spronk Bakkerijmachines? Call or email for a good conversation with you in the bakery or with us in Andelst. We are happy to take the time for good tailor-made advice. Welcome!

Our sales team

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Partner BoulangerieTeam

Founding partner Bakery Institute

The Bakery Institute is the private education for everyone who wants to (further) develop within the bakery profession. You can also turn to the Bakery Institute for retraining programs to become a bread and / or pastry chef!

Our contribution as a partner of the Bakery Institute fits in with our vision on the development of the bakery industry with an emphasis on attention to craftsmanship.

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