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BoulangerieTeam take test bakery by Spronk into operation

Spronk Bakery Machines, cooperation since July 28, 2016 with the BoulangerieTeam (BT) a new dimension. The Boulangerie team now trains in our test bakery in Andelst ahead of her matches.

To create the ultimate training environment, there is a special room completely renovated and furnished with the best bakery equipment. Thus, there include a new Wachtel deck oven equipped with the latest IQ Touch control, new Gram refrigeration and freezers, new Merand diviseuse, Hobart dishwasher and Seewer Rondo roll machine. Johan van Maanen, Chair of the Boulangerie Team, said that the area now is a good simulation of a wedstrijdbox.


This test bakery is a real asset to Spronk bakery machines. "It Boula Geri Team focuses on quality and is at a level on which we want to find ourselves. Because they are busy with all kinds of methods, we also learn what it needs craft. We gain better insight into the needs of the market. They have the ease of use, we provide the knowledge. "The knife cuts both ways really.


Photographer Koos Groenewold

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